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Tokyo Portraits 14

Street Fashion on a Weekend in Tokyo is unchallenged. We stayed for seven weeks in the late winter and travelled a part of the country. What a difference to anything I experienced before at the cosplay events in Europe or in the streets of Shanghai. Not only would the girls and boys know how to pose for the camera but their outfits on a daily basis are above everything you would see anywhere else.

Shanghai Portraits 11

My first time in Shanghai was in 2011 and an adventure by its own. The city was quite rural at this time with street food and some old city’s housing which were demolished some year later. It was a time travel and by no means comparable when I visited again in end of 2016 for my residency. The street portraits became a little challenging as nobody spoke English and the girls were very shy and insecure. The old men on the other hand were pure fun.

Shanghai Street

Urban strolling can be an artform by itself. Without any digital helper we searched the city for some authentic spots which are all gone by now. The fishmarket, the bride market, old city with its street vendors, the public singing gatherings. I write this text and post this pictures ten years later, after a four month stay in Shanghai in 2017 where I looked all this spots again and was surprised how the city changed its shape and attitude.