• Post War Occupation of Japan

    最近、戦後占領軍に協力したとされる元日本人医師たちのアルバム2冊が回収された。Recently we collected two albums of a former Japanese doctor who presumably worked with the occupation forces after the war. Besides photographs from the US army base in Sendai, there are also numerous travel photographs in the two albums.

  • Yōfuku – Western Clothing in Japan

    官公庁や宮廷に義務づけられた洋服は、明治時代、階級平等の政策として推進されました。Mandatory for government offices and the court, Western fashion (yōfuku) was promoted during the Meiji era as a policy to enforce class equality. It may remain unclear why Western dress was necessary in the first place, but acceptance was not unanimous. In the early years of the opening, Wafuku (traditional Japanese clothes) were still compulsory…

  • Kabuki Dancer

    歌舞伎役者に関するアルバムからセピアプリントのアーカイブを抜粋。Selection from our archive of sepia prints from an album about Japanese Kabuki dancer.

  • Portraits with Dogs

    犬との歴史的なスタジオプリント。Historical studio prints with dogs. From our collection of over 200 cabinet cards. This was a style of photograph which was widely used for photographic portraiture after 1870. It consisted of a thin photograph mounted on a card. Other than that there existed also photo albums. which were manufactured by producing pages primarily for cabinet cards with a few pages in…

  • Japanese Students

    戦後の日本の高校のアルバムや写真など、これまで収集したものの中の一つです。One of many postwar Japanese Highschool albums and photographies we collected so far.

  • Tehran 60ies

    テヘランのアーティスト・レジデンスで、フリーマーケットで写真集を見つけたんだ。At an artist residency in Tehran we found a photo-album at a flea market. Being from one big family, the pictures tell the stories of a new modern house and a trip to the nearby mountains of Damavand. Probably around late 1960s.

  • Memories of the Wehrmacht

    ドイツ国防軍のアルバムの中から、1枚を抜粋しました。Excerpt of one of our collection of Wehrmacht albums. Produced in 1937, this book contains some explicit images from the invasion in Poland (not on display). Other albums from our archive show impressions of very empty streets in Paris and Lyon in 1940 and a more relaxed situation in Sicily in 1941. War photos of…