• Nakanojo Biennale >Glöckler

    On the evening of 5 January, one of the most impressive winter customs is held in the Salzkammergut, an Alpine region in Austria. As darkness falls, the “Glöckler” bell ringers gather in groups at their meeting points throughout the village to begin their run. They wear white robes, large cattle bells attached to leather belts […]

  • Remember Familiar | Onishi : Bad Ischl

    2024 ::: An intercultural case study on how we construct our private memories in different societies. With reserachers from both countires we compare and cross examine the methods of storytelling, design and purpose of privte photoalbums. Private photo albums are probably the most extensive source material on the pictorial history of the 19th and 20th […]

  • paper workshops

    In preparation for a teaching assignment in Finland, we tried out some possibilities with paper. As part of the Shiro Oni residency, there is also the opportunity to learn these techniques in the Furusato studio.

  • Tsukuba Biennale

    2022 | Opening on October 18th, the Biennale was held at Tsukuba Art Museum in Ibaraki prefecture. Postponed for several times, eleven artists participated in the exhibition curated by Takashi Ikezawa and Mitsuko Shinohara. Some of us who came from India, Japan, Bulgaria, Estonia and South Korea were in residence together for two weeks before […]

  • Pina-Odori: Sit down and Smile

    2022-2023 | The project is an intercultural encounter based on the artistic overlap of Pina Bausch’s “Kontakthof” and the Japanese Bon-Odori dance. For this purpose, we will rehearse a corresponding dance piece with a group of elderly people at Atelier Furusato in Japan and perform it next summer at a public venue in Onishi/ Fujioka. […]

  • Paper Work

    2019 Onishi | Go Uta-Karuta: Garment made from antique Instructions for Go-play and Uta-Karuta playing cards. A traditional set of uta-garuta contains 100 cards, with a waka poem written on each. The standard collection of poems used is the Hyakunin Isshu, chosen by poet Fujiwara no Teika in the Heian period. Cuculla – Fixing the […]