Pina-Odori: Sit down and Smile

2022-2023 | The project is an intercultural encounter based on the artistic overlap of Pina Bausch’s “Kontakthof” and the Japanese Bon-Odori dance. For this purpose, we will rehearse a corresponding dance piece with a group of elderly people at Atelier Furusato in Japan and perform it next summer at a public venue in Onishi/ Fujioka.


For several years now as an artist, I have been developing wearable sculptures made of paper in my artistic work, often based on Japanese designs. For Pina-Odori, I will design performative clothing for about seven people and realise it at Atelier Furusato.


My interest in Pina Bausch‘s piece is partly due to its depiction of mimetic processes by which we as spectators internalise this piece. The exaggerated display of perfect body control confronts the audience with the automatism of non-verbal behaviour patterns and gestures that reflect the social code in the everyday world. The focus is on the staging and rhythmic performance of body-based scenes and movements and their approach. However, the mostly cross-gender gestures often fail. The bodies perform the movements directed at each other, but they do not reach their counterparts. The spectator also senses the intention and at the same time experiences the failure of its realisation. Thus, men and women have to keep repeating their game, even though they know, like Sisyphus, that there are no successful encounters.

>> First performance tests with paper clothing

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