Dynamographical Archive

presentation of draft #1,#2,#3 Tokyo 2016 Mapping Japan by drifting through history. A pictorial foundation…

Daughter of the New Earth

Double Screening with switchable headphones, Tokyo 2016 It started as a coproduction between Japan and…

Reconstructing the family album of Baron Hiroshi Ōshima

part 1 collecting, Tokyo 2016 Hiroshi Ōshima (April 19, 1886 – June 6, 1975) was…

Regarding the pain of the others

Tokyo, 2016 „Awareness of the suffering that accumulates in a select number of wars happening…

2015 Exhibition design

Exhibition design and production Expo Milano Library, Linz

Mapping Taiwan

  Mapping Taiwan under Japanese Rule – Exhibition TAV, Taipei 05/17

Museum of Missing Memories

Museum of Missing Memories – Taiwan under Japanese Rule –  Exhibition TAV Taipeh 06/17  

Adolf’s Bridge

2008, Bridge to view the Bridge. Linz When A.Hitler was a student he referred to…

Mauthausen Memorial

Design and production of the permanent exhibition, 2011-2013 Mauthausen Concentration Camp 1938–1945 The exhibition “Mauthausen…

Swing tanzen verboten

Exhibition about forbidden music under NS regime design and production, 2014

2013 Exhibition Design

Exhibition design and production, Linz, St. Pölten, Bad Leonfelden

2012 Exhibition Design

Exhibition design and production, Schlossmuseum Linz

Kulturhauptstadt des Führers

Exhibition for Linz09 -EU City of Culture THE CULTURAL CAPITAL OF THE FÜHRER What historical…

50 Jahre Staatsvertrag

Exhibition – Schlossmuseum Linz, 2005

Südflügel – Museum

Design and production of the permanent exhibitions in the new south wing of  OÖ Landesmuseum.…

XING Kulturmagazin

co-founder of the culture magazine in 2002 XING Magazin lesen progressiv denkende Menschen, die in…

AIR Trans Artist Studio

Running an Artist residency in Linz, 2003


Research and Exhibition – Afo 2006

Chlodwig Poth

Last Exit with Chlodwig Poth Interview, Exhibition, Documentation Galerie der Stadt Wels 11/2003


Kultur findet Stadt Wie löst man urbane Kreativität aus und wer braucht sie? Entsprechen die…

Seaside Florida

  Gated Communities – Research and exhibiton Text pdf