Mapping Taiwan

  Mapping Taiwan under Japanese Rule – Exhibition TAV, Taipei 05/17

Museum of Missing Memories

Museum of Missing Memories – Taiwan under Japanese Rule –  Exhibition TAV Taipeh 06/17  

Adolf’s Bridge

2008, Bridge to view the Bridge. Linz When A.Hitler was a student he referred to…

Dynamographical Archive

presentation of draft #1,#2,#3 Tokyo 2016 Mapping Japan by drifting through history. A pictorial foundation…

Daughter of the New Earth

Double Screening with switchable headphones, Tokyo 2016 It started as a coproduction between Japan and…

Reconstructing the family album of Baron Hiroshi Ōshima

part 1 collecting, Tokyo 2016 Hiroshi Ōshima (April 19, 1886 – June 6, 1975) was…

Regarding the pain of the others

Tokyo, 2016 „Awareness of the suffering that accumulates in a select number of wars happening…

XING Kulturmagazin

co-founder of the culture magazine in 2002 XING Magazin lesen progressiv denkende Menschen, die in…

AIR Trans Artist Studio

Running an Artist residency in Linz, 2003


Research and Exhibition – Afo 2006

Chlodwig Poth

Last Exit with Chlodwig Poth Interview, Exhibition, Documentation Galerie der Stadt Wels 11/2003


Kultur findet Stadt Wie löst man urbane Kreativität aus und wer braucht sie? Entsprechen die…

Seaside Florida

  Gated Communities – Research and exhibiton Text pdf

The World

Video: Interview at the ship Exhibition in Vienna The World is the largest privately owned residential…


running an artist space, Linz 2001-2003


Exhibition in Nizhny Novgorod, November 2001

Early Art Projects

      Bob’S Ordinary Art Friends during Art University, 91-94

The Thing – New York

Artist residency @ The Kitchen, NYC Work @ The Thing, NYC artist studio 1997-1999 Interview…


Art work at the open studio, 93-95  

Early Webprojects

1996 Ars Electronica Website 1997 AE Futurelab Website 1998 The Kitchen, NYC Website 1998 The…