presentation of draft #1,#2,#3 Tokyo 2016

Mapping Japan by drifting through history. A pictorial foundation which is meant foremost as inventory of components which had a demonstrable impact on the style and life in movement during the investigated time in Japan.
Using a psychogeographic approach, lent from Guy Debords Situationists, I drift through an amount of texts and images making notes of every thing which catches my interest. Out of this notes are different mind maps generated. Three of them were displayed first at Tokyo Wonder Site.

PrintOut of Map with illustrations and movie layer –
via QR codes visitors can access video sources.

(1) The Other – dealing with the relation of learning from the west and teaching the east. With a first side focus on Taiwan and Korea.Html The Other   PDF The Other
(2) Civil Society – About authority and developing individual identity in an emerging controlled society. With main emphasis on political art and evolving feminism. Html Civil Society   PDF Civil Society
(3) Big Asia – The propaganda of peace and the propaganda of war at the same time on different channels. How art helped to campaign for big Asia and the need of land in Manchuria, Korean citizenship (Koseki), forced migration and independence movement. And the rise of cultural and ideologic exchange with Germany.  Html Big Asia   PDF Big Asia
(4) Under Siege – Despite of all the fighting and killing the interest is in censorship and governmental controlled art production, as the methods of mobilizing the citizens. Cultural impacts on colonies in East Asia and mobilization for Japanese military.
(5) Aftermath – Handling the days of surrender in a so-called civil war, not military but in a politically and ideologically sense. The cultural confrontation with the american life style and the moment of art production under the new censorship of General Headquarters.