Manuel Schilcher, Austria

I am working as exhibition designer, curator and artist in Austria and Japan. Some of the main exhibitions in the last ten years deal with German and Austrian history especially Nationalism. For the European City of Culture in Linz I was in charge of designing the exhibition „Cultural Capital of the Führer“ and also developed and managed the new permanent exhibition at Mauthausen Memorial Site. At the moment my work focuses about (1) the design of remembrance in Japanese museums (2) the role of the visual arts in the construction of modern national identity (3) the entanglements to Ns-Germany. Together with researcher Haruko Sasakawa from Tokyo Art University we develop an exhibition about the art production under fascist regime Japan and Germany, its cultural interference and exchange.

Artist , Exhibition Designer, founder of argeMarie
study Art University Linz 1990-95
co-directing AEC Futurelab
residency New York @ The Kitchen & The Thing
co-directing artspace Transpublic, Linz
10y exhibition design for different museums and Expo
PhD @ Dr. T. Macho
residency Tokyo 

>2015: Working in Japan and Austria on:
Design of remembrance 記憶のデザイン
research project on: 研究プロジェクトについて
Japanese history 日本の歴史
visual culture and propaganda 視覚文化とプロパガンダ
entanglements to Germanyドイツとのかかわり
display in museums 博物館での展示
contemporary art works 現代美術の作品


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