The World

Video: Interview at the ship Exhibition in Vienna The World is the largest privately owned residential…


running an artist space, Linz 2001-2003


Exhibition in Nizhny Novgorod, November 2001

Early Art Projects

      Bob’S Ordinary Art Friends during Art University, 91-94

The Thing – New York

Artist residency @ The Kitchen, NYC Work @ The Thing, NYC artist studio 1997-1999 Interview…


Art work at the open studio, 93-95  

Ars Electronica

  Running AE Futurelab in the early days, 1996

Early Webprojects

1996 Ars Electronica Website 1997 AE Futurelab Website 1998 The Kitchen, NYC Website 1998 The…

2011 Exhibition Design

Exhibition design and production for Schlossmuseum Linz