Anita Gratzer

Grewing up in the Austrian pre-alps, Anita Gratzer has been working as a photographer since her childhood.

As a highly decorated photo artist with a diploma from the University of Arts in Linz, she started her professional career in the 1990s. Anita received the first scholarships from the Austrian Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs while she was still studying to go to Krakow and Paris. Afterwards numerous grants and prizes such as the State Scholarship of the Republic of Austria for Photography.

Traveling in Asia and America, Anita Gratzer was at first working on her series “Human Time Anatomy” and “Fragmented Gods” in Berlin, Vienna and Krakow. In the late 1990s she exhibited at Art Basel, in Vienna with Rong Rong and was in talk with Andres Serrano when she worked in New York for a couple of years. In 2014, after a decade long maternal leave, Anita Gratzer exhibits a new body of work. It articulates her memory of lost stories, interest in Eastern traditions and forges links between them and the world as it is experienced today.

Since then she has been a guest in China, Korea, Iran, Baltic area and several times in Japan and Switzerland. These working stays, usually lasting months, led to solo exhibitions in Shanghai, Daegu in Korea, Solothurn and Brig in Switzerland, Tehran, Tallinn in Estonia, Tokyo and, since 2019, to her own studio and residence in Japan.

Mourning the narratives that she finds, Gratzer first preserves in the process of her work the printed fragments of antique books by transferring them into a new condition. Constructing clothes and sculptures out of these historical artefacts of a gone-by era, she simultaneously deals with hermetic narratives and analogue materiality. In her work she constantly deal with the topic of clothing as shelter. As a boundary of the inner self and external perception as well as the gender identity which goes along with it.




Anita Gratzer, Jack Dracula 1998 – Philadelphia