• Glöckler @ Furusato | Onishi JP

    Glöckler @ Furusato | Onishi JP

    Working at the studio in Onishi, preparing the “Glöckler” project for Nakanojo Biennale 2023. The first pieces had to be ready for the press pre opening in May. Opening of the Biennale is in September.

  • Ibaraki | Japan 10.22

    Ibaraki | Japan 10.22

    Opening on October 18th, the Biennale was held at Tsukuba Art Museum in Ibaraki prefecture. Postponed for several times, eleven artists participated in the exhibition curated by Takashi Ikezawa and Mitsuko Shinohara. Some of us who came from India, Japan, Bulgaria, Estonia and South Korea were in residence together for two weeks before the opening.…

  • Gunma | Japan 06-09.22

    Gunma | Japan 06-09.22

    Preparatory works for the Tsukuba Biennale at the Tsukuba Museum of Art. For the first time working in my own studio in Onishi, Japan. うかれ燕 – Ukare Tsubame | タイムリープ – Taimurīpu :: (Timeleap)

  • Nakanojo Biennale 23 | Japan 10.22

    Nakanojo Biennale 23 | Japan 10.22

    Preparations are already underway for my participation in the Nakanojo Biennale next year. The first orientation meeting took place in early October with about 30 artists.

  • Mänttä | Finland 01-03.22

    Mänttä | Finland 01-03.22

    To sort out my countless thoughts and ideas, the remote residency in Mänttä, Finland proves to be the ideal place. Here I can make the garments sufficiently stable for the use in performances, and find time to try out new materials and construction methods. Creating the right solutions so that the pieces can withstand the…

  • Mänttä | Finland 01-02.21

    Mänttä | Finland 01-02.21

    To visit the Serlachius residency in Finland was a difficult trip. Due to the pandemic restrictions I had to quarantine for more than a week in Helsinki and Tampa. But reaching finally my destination it was worth the effort. Next to a lake and covered in freezing temperatures it turned out quite idyllic. What I…

  • Brig | Switzerland 03-08.20

    Brig | Switzerland 03-08.20

    I arrived in Switzerland one week before the lockdown facing not only the pandemic but also a three month isolation in my apartment and studio. Fortunately the residence was located in the old castle of Kaspar Stockalper built in the 17th century. On the bright side I could start working for my solo exhibition ‘Prosthetic…

  • Onishi | Japan 2019 – …

    Onishi | Japan 2019 – …

    Onishi: In 2019 finally I was able to acquire my own home in Japan. Before that I rented different places all these years, where I stayed for a few months. By the way, this is the first house I ever owned. Together with my family I hope to settle down here soon. The house consists…

  • Onishi | Japan 05-09.19

    Onishi | Japan 05-09.19

    The silk store in Onishi was transformed into a cultural gathering by Shiro Oni Studio. Working on my paper garments at the place also inspired me to start a silkworm farm.

  • Daugavpils | Latvia 05.18

    Daugavpils | Latvia 05.18

    The Mark Rothko Art Center in Daugavpils was a former military base on the geographical edge to Russia. A handful of international and local artists were invited to held an photographic exhibition in the brink of an annual festivity. We were hosted very courteous and went on some trips together to learn abot the region…

  • Tallinn | Estonia 02-03.18

    Tallinn | Estonia 02-03.18

    The Copper Leg Art Residency in Estonia was such a lovely experience with all this warm and nice people in this cold winter. The residency was located in an old school building which was transformed into a cultural hub for the area. I used to get the firewood early in the morning to heat my…

  • Solothurn | Switzerland 12.17- 03.18

    Solothurn | Switzerland 12.17- 03.18

    The residency in Solothurn was one of a kind. Situated in the castle midtown I was facing the Aare and still was most of the time for myself alone. Starting in Dezember my family came to visit me for some weeks and soon enough I found some very interesting people I got friends with. For…