• Kanna Art Festival | Gunma JP

    Kanna Art Festival | Gunma JP

    16.9 – 24.9.23 Japan | 500 visitors on the first weekend in our small art village of Onishi. 10th anniversary of Kanna Art Festival (website also done by AF) was also a commemoration of artist Horikoshi Chiaki. The work shown was a piece called うかれ燕 – Ukare Tsubame, which relays to an old song about a swiftlet,…

  • Tsukuba Art Center | Ibaraki JP

    Tsukuba Art Center | Ibaraki JP

    19.10 – 23.10.23 Japan | New artworks shown at the Tsukuba Biennale 23. At the Art Center in Ibaraki prefecture Japanese Butoh dancers performed with the different headgears as part of the series “Shelter of the Mind”.

  • Nakonojo Biennale 23 | Gunma JP

    Nakonojo Biennale 23 | Gunma JP

    10.9 – 9.10.23 Japan | Opening of the Nakanojo Biennale in September 23. With over 800.000 visitors in one month it was by far the best shows since the Biennale was founded in 2007. The pre-opening in Mai was already successful as the work of Anita Gratzer was selected for the poster of the Biennale and…

  • Arty Show | Biel/Bienne CH

    Arty Show | Biel/Bienne CH

    4.10. – 29.10.23 Switzerland | The Arty Show 2023 celebrated its fifth anniversary in Biel. More than 40 artists were showcased in the city’s public spaces, with 33 shop windows transformed into temporary exhibition spaces.Special guest: the SWATCH ART PEACE HOTEL SHANGHAI presented 6 artists who were in residence in Shanghai.

  • Nakanojo Biennale • Press | Gunma JP

    Nakanojo Biennale • Press | Gunma JP

    16.5.23 Japan | SetUp of “Glöckler” project at Gotonda exhibition space for Nakanojo Biennale 2023. After 2 month developing the project at Furusato studio. Japanese press and participating artists visited the final results. Press announcement NHK 09.09.2023

  • Felix Schoeller Award | Osnabrück DE

    Felix Schoeller Award | Osnabrück DE

    24.3.23 Germany | Museumsquartier Osnabrück  | Shortlisted in the Felix Schoeller Award 2023, category portrait. In addition to Michael Dannenmann, the jury includes art historian and curator Cathérine Hug from the Kunsthaus Zürich, the director of the Museumsquartier Osnabrück Nils-Arne Kässens, art advisor Simone Klein and visual director of the art magazine ART Hannah Schuh.

  • Tsukuba Biennale | Ibaraki JP

    Tsukuba Biennale | Ibaraki JP

    18.10 – 30.10.22 Japan | Aesthetics of the Periphery | Tsukuba Museum of Art | curated by Takashi Ikezawa. After a few tedious days of completion, the exhibition was finally opened with a wonderful performance. My two main works were produced in Japan and Austria and premiered here at the Tsukuba Museum of Art, organized…

  • Egon Schiele Award | Tulln AT

    Egon Schiele Award | Tulln AT

    7.10-11.11.22 | Minoritenkloster Tulln | From 1,225 works submitted by 553 artists, 68 works by 30 artists were selected. At the vernissage in the atrium of the Minorite Monastery, more than 300 visitors came to view the excitingly curated exhibition with great interest and to attend the award ceremony with laudatory applause. Artists of the…

  • Spirit of Water |   Riihisaari FI

    Spirit of Water | Riihisaari FI

    19.8-18.9.22 Finland | Savonlinna Museum | Water is essential for the survival of all living things. Water affects health, economy, environment. Good water quality and potable water is something most of us take for granted. However, access to potable water is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity. Securing clean water and nature for future…

  • Klartraum  | Mänttä FI

    Klartraum  | Mänttä FI

    23.3.-26.3.21 Finland | Variations of an Oneironautic Sojourn – Serlachius Foundation | with Yasushi Koyama | To sort out my countless thoughts and ideas, the remote residency at the Serlachius Foundation in Mänttä, Finland proves to be the ideal place for me. Here I can develop garments sufficiently stable for the use in performances, and…

  • Biennale di carta | Schio IT

    Biennale di carta | Schio IT

    23.10.21 – 27.03.22 Italy | Biennale Internazionale di opere di carte – Palazzo Fogazzaro | The works shown in Schio, Vicenza are wearable objects designed from old books and other historic materials, mostly made from Japanese washi paper. The transparent garments function as mobile shelters of the fragile memory. Covered in knowledge they teach about the…

  • WELCOME! 10 anni di SAPH | Rome IT

    WELCOME! 10 anni di SAPH | Rome IT

    1.-23.10.21 Italy | Maxxi Museo Nazionale Roma | Organised to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Swatch Peace Art Hotel, the exhibition was curated by Carlo Giordanetti in collaboration with Hou Hanru, the artistic director of the Maxxi Museum in Rome. Opening ceremony with Sebastio Salgado’s show Amazonia. by director Giovanna Melandri. Information about work 1 |…