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The Faith of Distance | Mänttä, FI

The two month residency in Finnland was quite successful with an exhibition and feature in the newspaper. My working conditions in the studio were near perfect and the footage in the local thrift stores turned out amazing. Only the cold temperatures with mostly minus 20 degrees became a challenge to my daily commute by bike.

In my constructional garments I try to define the space of intimacy and the margin of distance to express a self-consciousness without being exploited. The title of the exhibition “The Distance of Faith” is supposed to describe a new understanding of the embodiness of our own space. In current times we are manoeuvred in that experience by different believes of science and faith. For sure we learned recently a new measurement of intimacy and privateness. I like to address this new space of self-awareness by my garments and wearable objects. For some reasons Finnland is quite an interesting place to research this kind of personal distance. Traditional cultural behaviour may be one reason that the people here connect much better with the new indicated rules of personal distance. As they cope well with a scientific approach to handle isolation rather than flee in certain patterns of conspirational belief. Part of handling this moment may be rooted in their own mythology “Kalevala” which has shaped Finnish culture and the national feeling in ways that should not be underestimated. The Kalevala differs from other saga cycles that it focuses on the common people and its heroes are distinguished mostly by knowledge and the art of singing. In that sense I try to reflect parts of the local identity in my artistic approach to reflect the Finnish embodiment of the personal space.

Prosthetic Memories | Brig, CH

As a guest of the Kunstverein Oberwallis (KVO) and the municipality of Brig-Glis I worked in the studio in the Fernanda of Stockalperhaus. From July 4 on, I showed what was created there under the title “Prosthetic Memories” in the KVO gallery “zur Matze”.

Lothar Berchtold wrote in the Walliser Bote 2.7.2020:
You can discover portable sculptures from old books and with current texts and drawings, lamb skulls covered with holy images and text, and reading woods. What she wants with her art? “To conserve things that are subject to decay and destruction, and thus to give old things a new existence,” the artist answers us during our visit to her studio.

Interview in the Swiss Local TV
Walk Through the Exhibition

Conceptual Garments | Onishi JP

This time in my second hometown Onishi I was showing the output of my three month of work. On display were five different garments at the Kinuya building. It is a cultural hub in and a former silk trader shop about 300 metres from my own house I bought a couple of month later.

A month before I was part of the group show with three of the same garments. This exhibition by all the artists of the Shiro Oni residency was held in the old sake brewery.

Mark Rothko Center | Daugvapils, Latvia

It was one of the shortest residencies I ever experienced and therefor quite hard for me to fulfil my standards. Mostly because the process I need to evaluate and finish a work takes some time. The occasion in Latvia was the Photography Exhibition of the 5 Year Anniversary at the Mark Rothko Center. The event was huge but my part of it was quite modest. Nevertheless the experience and the hosts of the residency were amazing and I got befriended with some local artists which led to a road trip up the country.

Persona | Solothurn, CH

At the end of my four month residency in March 2018 in Solothurn, Switzerland i was able to achieve a Soloexhibition at the Gallery S11. The gallery is run by a local art collective hosted in an old building in the centre of the town it runs over four floors. The opening was a great success with a lot of friends and we partied into the night. Distributed over the building I could show a wide spectrum of my work which I created at the spot. Photography, drawings, paintings, garments wax sculptures and some taxidermy pieces showed an impressive insight into my work. For the first time I was able to show my portfolio in Europe as I was busy all the time before running residencies in Asia mostly. This happened about two and a half years after I started again to concentrate on my professional art career.

about a year later I got again an invitation to the residency in Solothurn where I could finish my portrait sessions.

Orifices | Daegu, South Korea

My first time in Korea started about three month after I left Shanghai. So actually I had to come to Seoul for some visa issues before but now I was invited for a three month residency. The exhibition took place at the end of my stay in a dedicated venue. This gave me due its space also the opportunity to create a performance with some of my garments I created in Korea. Alex, a fellow artist and the only non-Korean I met in this time became the protagonist in the play. Some of the Korean artists I learned to know were educated in German language which was a great relief for the opening. In retrospect it was a fine show with quite an audience which also led to a second exhibition in Busan a couple of weeks after this show.

Thoughts Left Visible | Shanghai


At the time I was residing in Korea, but the opportunity in Shanghai was one of a kind for me. Sponsored by the Swatch company I had the exhibition floor of about 600m2 for my artwork to presented. The design of the exhibition was done remotely by Manuel at home as was the catalogue which was then printed in China . We enjoyed the work a lot as any difficulties were kept to a minimum. The prints were produced in Austria and framed in Shanghai. For the final setup, Manuel came to Shanghai for two weeks, and we met for the first time since a couple of month. Everything was finalised in a professional way with the a local team of workers and our own support. Everyday after the opening I wandered between the columns to inhale and enjoy this most beautiful exhibition. As it was set about a half year after I left my Shanghai residency I could also show some of the portraits I did back then. The other part was selection of my work from Japan.

Unzucht im Ruderal | Botanical Garden Linz, AT

A scenic tour of the Botanical Garden after Raymond Roussel’s novel “Locus Solus”. In seven stations Anita Gratzer refers with her works of organic art to the surrealist author and his novel from 1914.

So what is “Locus Solus” about? It’s about a walk through a park that has the same name as the novel. Its owner, master Canterel, leads a group of friends through the grounds. They encounter a mixture of machines and living images, each of which Roussel describes in detail before telling the story behind the scene. His fantasies depict machine enthusiasm and ancient human dreams of survival and resurrection.

pos#1 Danton’s resurrection in the Aqua Micans – Chapter III, p.61
pos#2 Epidermis of the flower child – Manuscript, p.363
pos#3 Liberation of the eleven servants by dividing the female hanged in two – Chapter II, p.29
pos#4 Striking ribs in hollow tone – Typescript II, p.369
pos#5 Eight nocturnal tears from hour – Chapter IV, p.109
pos#6 The cure of the madness in the Federal – Chapter I, p.7
pos#7 Pharaoh’s snake stitch or the chance meeting of a sewing machine and an umbrella on the dissecting table – Chapter V, p.21