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Tsukuba Biennale | Ibaraki

18.10 – 30.10.22 |Aesthetics of the Periphery | Tsukuba Museum of Art | curated by Takashi Ikezawa.

After a few tedious days of completion, the exhibition was finally opened with a wonderful performance. My two main works were produced in Japan and Austria and premiered here at the Tsukuba Museum of Art, organized by the Tsukuba Art Center. Beside these two sculptures three black and white photographies of my former residencies in Estonia and Finland were shown beside four digital prints from Japan.

うかれ燕 – Ukare Tsubame

Ukare tsubame is an old song about a swiftlet, I heard when searching for old washi paper at a flea market. Since then the lyrics are stuck in my head. The figure therefor is made of the buddhistic lotus sutras from Meiji era, I found at the day. The wooden grid above is an old door from my house in Onishi/ Gunma and over 90 years old. 
Floating with no wings the body is bound to the sky by long cords made from an old haiku book. Circling around the longing of beloved humans and nature, those haikus were written originally by a group of five people. Learning about these beautiful lyrics I wanted to reuse them for a poetic journey through time. 


タイムリープ – Taimurīpu :: (Timeleap)

The shelf of body consists of debt lists from an old general store in Gunma prefecture, where I have my studio. The papers are from Meiji era and tell about the items people have bought in the store and would pay by the end of the month. The inside of the body I filled with shredded papers from a modern banking institute. 
Hanging from the body are multiple worn out scarfs which are made from business papers from the same general store dating over 130 years back. The artwork is going through time and keeps track of all these peoples business. Although these people don’t live anymore, their monetary records draw a trace through time.

身体からぶら下がっているのは、130年以上前に同じ雑貨屋で買ったビジネスペーパーから作られた、使い古された複数のスカーフです。この作品は、時を越えて、この人たちの商売の記録を残しているのです。 この人たちはもう生きてはいないが、その金銭的な記録は時代を超えて痕跡を残している。

Egon Schiele Award | Tulln

7.10-11.11.22 | Minoritenkloster Tulln | From 1,225 works submitted by 553 artists, 68 works by 30 artists were selected. At the vernissage in the atrium of the Minorite Monastery, more than 300 visitors came to view the excitingly curated exhibition with great interest and to attend the award ceremony with laudatory applause.

Artists of the exhibition SCHIELE AWARD 2022: Bella Angora, Isabel Belherdis, Maria Bichler, Katrin Bruder, Daniel Domig, Julia Dorninger, Kristina Feldhammer, Karin Frank, Anne Gassner, Olga Georgieva, Theresa Grandits, Birgit Graschopf, Anita Gratzer, Margit Greinöcker, Lisa Großkopf, Rika Fuentes Martinez, Jochen Höller, Udo Hohenberger, Bernadette Huber, Sebastian Kaltenbrunner, Maria Kuzyk, Bianca Lugmayr, Sissa Micheli, Florian Nitsch, Thomas Riess, Elisabeth von Samsonow, Andrea Schnell, Maria Temnitschka, Sophie Tiller und Christina Starzer.

Spirit of Water | Riihisaari, FI

19.8-18.9.22 | Savonlinna Museum | Water is essential for the survival of all living things. Water affects health, economy, environment. Good water quality and potable water is something most of us take for granted. However, access to potable water is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity. Securing clean water and nature for future generations is not a given.

With: Piela Auvinen, Anita Gratzer, Sami Funke, Henrik Härkönen, Marja de Jong, Kaisa Huotari, Andreas Kopp, Mikko Kallio, Laura Kärki, Juha Lahtinen, Vili Nissinen, Anna Pekkala, Jan Pohribný, Yuichiro Sato, Anna Siiriäinen, Julio Tubal ja Kimmo Ylönen.

Klartraum  | Mänttä, FI

Variations of an oneironautic sojourn |

23.3.-26.3.21 | Serlachius Foundation | with Yasushi Koyama | To sort out my countless thoughts and ideas, the remote residency at the Serlachius Foundation in Mänttä, Finland proves to be the ideal place for me. Here I can develop garments sufficiently stable for the use in performances, and find time to try out new materials and construction methods. Creating the right solutions so that the pieces can withstand the expected demands to be frequent folded and remain flexible, I use the methods of Oneironautic. As I am not trained in the logic of engineering, the tried and tested method of lucid dreaming, a special state of consciousness, helps me to master the obstacles that lie ahead. At the show at the Serlachius residency I present some methods for movement and shelter based on my latest drafts I did this winter. Furthermore some of the exhibited garments serve as templates and prototypes for my upcoming project in Japan, called Pina-Odori. My three month exile in Finland is the first time I can solemnly focus on the creation of wearable sculptures dedicated for a stage. In this sense, my residency here forms also the artistic basis for my overdue reunion with friends and my home in Japan after nearly two years of absence.

Biennale Internazionale di opere di carta | Schio, Italy

23.10.21 – 27.03.22 | Palazzo Fogazzaro | The works shown in Schio, Vicenza are wearable objects designed from old books and other historic materials, mostly made from Japanese washi paper. The transparent garments function as mobile shelters of the fragile memory. Covered in knowledge they teach about the social history of the clothing and the fragments of their texts. The artistically designed clothing addresses issues of gender identity, cultural authority, and social assignment.

TV feature – Fuorilinea – RAI – 16/01/2022
Dismantling Exhibition April 2022
Curated by Valeria Bertesina and hosted at Museo Civico Pallazzo Fogazzaro – Schio.

WELCOME! 10 anni di SAPH | Rome, Italy

1-23.10.21 | Maxxi Museo Nazionale Roma |

The exhibition is organised as the 10th anniversary of the Swatch Peace Art Hotel and curated together with Hou Hanru, the artistic director of the Maxxi Museum in Rome. The opening happened to be on the same night with Sebastio Salgado’s show Amazonia.

Information about work 1 | work 2

article about the exhibition in la Repubblica 01.10.21

SetUp Biennale | Schio, Italy

March 2021 | Finally we could set up six of my paper works which will be presented at the Biennale in Schio, Vicenza in a couple of weeks. It was an easy ride to Italy and a very warm welcome at the Palazzo Fogazzaro.

Next to some of my garments you see the marble sculpture “The Weaver” by Antonio Tantardini from 1870. The figure of a young woman with a shuttle in her right hand has the intention of celebrating the ancient art of weaving, since the Fogazzaro family were textile industrialists. The female marble bust pictures Margherita of Savoy, Queen of Italy.

I am quite excited for the show as it is the first time that my works of such different residencies as Switzerland, China, Finland and Japan are shown together.

#JapanRevisited202x | Ginza Tokyo

by maaayu_r | Morioka Shoten | Selected by the Austrian Cultural Forum of Tokyo, photographs picturing three of my paper garments which I tailored in Onishi, Gunma were on display in Ginza, Tokyo.  They are be shown together with the publication #JapanRevisited202x: then—now—after.

From June 8-13, 2021  日本語
Suzuki Building, 1-28-15 Ginza, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo, Japan

Morioka Shoten, the Bookshop With Only One Book. The “world’s smallest bookstore” and a cornerstone of Tokyo’s art book scene.The concept of the famous bookstore reshuffles the idea of how to browse and experience books altogether. Selling only one book which is carefully selected by founder Yoshiyuki Morioka and only displayed for one week

The Faith of Distance | Mänttä, FI

17-21.2.21 | Serlachius Foundation | The two month residency in Finnland was quite successful with an exhibition and feature in the newspaper. My working conditions in the studio were near perfect and the footage in the local thrift stores turned out amazing. Only the cold temperatures with mostly minus 20 degrees became a challenge to my daily commute by bike.

In my constructional garments I try to define the space of intimacy and the margin of distance to express a self-consciousness without being exploited. The title of the exhibition “The Distance of Faith” is supposed to describe a new understanding of the embodiness of our own space. In current times we are manoeuvred in that experience by different believes of science and faith. For sure we learned recently a new measurement of intimacy and privateness. I like to address this new space of self-awareness by my garments and wearable objects. For some reasons Finnland is quite an interesting place to research this kind of personal distance. Traditional cultural behaviour may be one reason that the people here connect much better with the new indicated rules of personal distance. As they cope well with a scientific approach to handle isolation rather than flee in certain patterns of conspirational belief. Part of handling this moment may be rooted in their own mythology “Kalevala” which has shaped Finnish culture and the national feeling in ways that should not be underestimated. The Kalevala differs from other saga cycles that it focuses on the common people and its heroes are distinguished mostly by knowledge and the art of singing. In that sense I try to reflect parts of the local identity in my artistic approach to reflect the Finnish embodiment of the personal space.

Prosthetic Memories | Brig, Switzerland

4-26.7.2020 | Stockalperschloss | As a guest of the Kunstverein Oberwallis (KVO) and the municipality of Brig-Glis I worked in the studio in the Fernanda of Stockalperhaus. From July 4 on, I showed what was created there under the title “Prosthetic Memories” in the KVO gallery “zur Matze”.

Interview in the Swiss Local TV

Lothar Berchtold wrote in the Walliser Bote 2.7.2020:
You can discover portable sculptures from old books and with current texts and drawings, lamb skulls covered with holy images and text, and reading woods. What she wants with her art? “To conserve things that are subject to decay and destruction, and thus to give old things a new existence,” the artist answers us during our visit to her studio.