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Looking for Shelter | Salzkammergut

Photo Shooting Winter 2023 | What protects us also hides us from ourselves. Only in the images do we free ourselves vicariously from our bodies, to which we distance ourselves in our gaze. #Burden of Solitude – Headgear and trousers made from antique Japanese washi paper. #Identity of the Wind – Sashimono 指物 styled banner from antique washi paper mounted on a cuirass. #Shelter of the Mind – Sculptural garment from ancient writings, which deals with themes of inner emigration. Created as wearable retreat cover this mobile shelters made of paper, accumulates knowledge in the orderly structure of experimental patterns.

Performance | Mänttä, Finland

March 2022 | Ahead of the exhibition, we were able to test some of the wearable sculptures. Made of paper, they had to withstand the harsh environmental conditions of the Finnish winter. Flexibility and robustness are the essential criteria in handicraft production, as the design must also be suitable for later performances.

Mänttä Yakata 屋形
Hagu no Kokoromi ハグの試み
Kartta ja alue

Hikarukaze 光る風

Shiya 視野