Kanna Art Festival | Gunma JP

16.9 – 24.9.23 Japan | 500 visitors on the first weekend in our small art village of Onishi. 10th anniversary of Kanna Art Festival (website also done by AF) was also a commemoration of artist Horikoshi Chiaki.

The work shown was a piece called うかれ燕 – Ukare Tsubame, which relays to an old song about a swiftlet, Anita heard when searching for old washi paper at a flea market. The figure therefor is made of the buddhistic lotus sutras from Meiji era, she found at the day. The wooden grid above is an old door from the house in Onishi/ Gunma and over 90 years old. 
Floating with no wings the body is bound to the sky by long cords made from an old haiku book. Circling around the longing of beloved humans and nature, those haikus were written originally by a group of five people.