Mänttä | Finland 01-03.22

To sort out my countless thoughts and ideas, the remote residency in Mänttä, Finland proves to be the ideal place. Here I can make the garments sufficiently stable for the use in performances, and find time to try out new materials and construction methods. Creating the right solutions so that the pieces can withstand the expected demands to be frequent folded and remain flexible, I use the methods of Oneironautic. Not being trained in the logic of engineering the proven method of lucid dreaming, a special state of awareness, helps be to master the obstacles in front of me. At the upcoming show at the Serlachius residency I will present some realizations of those drafts I did the last autumn. The exhibited garments will serve as templates and prototypes for my upcoming project in Japan. Called Pina-Odori it will feature a performance based on the crossover of the ritual movement patterns of Japanese Odori dance and the experimental dance theater “Kontakthof” by Pina Bausch.