• Daegu | Korea 06-09.17

    Daegu | Korea 06-09.17

    The residency at Gachang Art Studio in Daegu in the middle of Korea was a most exciting experience. I stayed there in the summer at a former school which was designated as cultural hub for Korean and international artists. The residency was funded by the government so I received a monthly pocket money. Adam, an…

  • Studio | Linz 2017-18

    Studio | Linz 2017-18

    What started out in the attic of my house turned in a full size studio located in an old house which was kind of frozen in time. The interior had not changed for a couple of decades, which made it very unique but also not to practical. After being out of the country for most…

  • Shanghai | China 11.16-03.17

    Shanghai | China 11.16-03.17

    The residence at the Swatch Peace Art Hotel was exciting beyond anything I could have imagined. I knew Shanghai before, when I was about five years ago for a street photography project. The residence experience started with a limousine at the airport and a most luxurious apartment and separate large studio in the historic building…

  • Tehran | Iran 09-10.16

    Tehran | Iran 09-10.16

    The studio was located at the compound of the Austrian embassy. Therefore I could not invite any visitors. On the other hand I was allowed to use the pool of the ambassadors mansion. Turned out to be a good deal by the daily rise of local temperatures.

  • Onishi | Japan, Summer 15 Spring 16

    Onishi | Japan, Summer 15 Spring 16

    It was not my first visit to Japan, but my first residency in Asia so far. Onishi turned out to be in a rural area about one hour north from Tokyo. Soon I fell in love with the neighbourhood and the people living there. I stayed for three month in the summer, which turned out…

  • Cesky Krumlov | Czech 06-07.15

    Cesky Krumlov | Czech 06-07.15

    Egon Schiele Art Center | Despite being in Czech Republic is less than a one hour drive from my hometown. For a long time this was my first residency after years of maternal leave. Being in Paris, Krakau and New York a decade ago, it was this little picturesque town when I started all over…