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Oridō 折り胴

Oridō 折り胴
Mänttä, Finland

Accordion style paper cape made from coarse fibers of a mulberry tree. Used for mystic appearance on stage the outfit resembles the phenomenon of a female shaman know as Ikoinkarur. In the language of the indigenous Ainu people of northern Japan, the term literally means ‘it that which see persons’. For one ritual to stimulate the milk production of a nursing woman they use is called the soul of the white birch. For this purpose, the bark is scraped off, boiled in water and administered to the patient. The tree itself dies afterwards, “because its soul was sacrificed to man”. The ensemble consists of a folding body (Japanese 折り胴 Ori dō), which when extended accommodates spacious room for maternity concerns. The headgear borrows from the design language of samurai armor with typical features of kabuto (helmet), mengu (face guard) and edatsuno (antlers). A proper equipment for shamanic concerns of a nordic midwife.

Paper, Birch, Antler of Reindeer
Depot Austria