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Tokyo Portraits 10

First time in Tokyo, what a cultural challenge. The place got me immediately hooked which became a love story of its own. I used my analogue equipment to make some street portraits and was lucky enough to meet even some professional models. The biggest challenge for me was to interact with the people who spoke nearly no English but acted very routined in front of the camera. Without any mobile device we navigated around town, learned to know the food and the city .

HongKong 10

It was my first time in Asia, a short week in Hongkong. I made some experiments for LOMO Vienna with one of their panorama cameras, the Horizon. Exploring the city by foot with a huge effort and at the end of the last day we had blisters on our feet. Furthermore it was my first time to shoot strangers in the streets without their knowledge. I was always used to go up to the people and ask their permission. A new experience and a fine way to learn about the city and its people.