• Vanitas | Linz

    Vanitas | Linz

    The beginning of my approach to work as artist again startet in 2014. After art university I had a good run with black and white photography and a very special project in Vienna, Krakow and Berlin. But this was more than ten years ago and now digital photography took over. My idea was to work…

  • Street Portraits | Tokyo 14

    Street Portraits | Tokyo 14

    Street Fashion on a Weekend in Tokyo is unchallenged. We stayed for seven weeks in the late winter and travelled a part of the country. What a difference to anything I experienced before at the cosplay events in Europe or in the streets of Shanghai. Not only would the girls and boys know how to…

  • Street Portraits | Osaka 14

    During this stay in Japan we had the possibility to visit different cities south of Tokyo. One of the things that most impressed us at the time was the bustling metropolis of Osaka.

  • Connichi | Kassel 12

    Connichi | Kassel 12

    At this year it happened also to be the time of the documenta in Kassel. For the portraits I tried to experiment a little with perspective and distance and with some of the models it worked out quite well. It happened to be our last trip to an event like this in Europe, although we…

  • Street Portraits | Shanghai

    Street Portraits | Shanghai

    My first time in Shanghai was in 2011 and an adventure by its own. The city was quite rural at this time with street food and some old city’s housing which were demolished some year later. It was a time travel and by no means comparable when I visited again in end of 2016 for…

  • Tongchuan Lu | Shanghai

    Tongchuan Lu | Shanghai

  • Tokyo Portraits 2010

    Tokyo Portraits 2010

    First time in Tokyo, what a cultural challenge. The place got me immediately hooked which became a love story of its own. I used my analogue equipment to make some street portraits and was lucky enough to meet even some professional models. The biggest challenge for me was to interact with the people who spoke…

  • Cosplay | Vienna 10

    Cosplay | Vienna 10

    It has been a small event at some school building in Vienna and was one of the first of its kind in 2010. I used my analogue equipment to make some portraits of the young girls. Very few boys mixed with the crowd, but more of the older creepy kind of sort. I did love…