Thoughts Left Visible | Shanghai


At the time I was residing in Korea, but the opportunity in Shanghai was one of a kind for me. Sponsored by the Swatch company I had the exhibition floor of about 600m2 for my artwork to presented. The design of the exhibition was done remotely by Manuel at home as was the catalogue which was then printed in China . We enjoyed the work a lot as any difficulties were kept to a minimum. The prints were produced in Austria and framed in Shanghai. For the final setup, Manuel came to Shanghai for two weeks, and we met for the first time since a couple of month. Everything was finalised in a professional way with the a local team of workers and our own support. Everyday after the opening I wandered between the columns to inhale and enjoy this most beautiful exhibition. As it was set about a half year after I left my Shanghai residency I could also show some of the portraits I did back then. The other part was selection of my work from Japan.