Unzucht im Ruderal | Botanical Garden Linz, AT

A scenic tour of the Botanical Garden after Raymond Roussel’s novel “Locus Solus”. In seven stations Anita Gratzer refers with her works of organic art to the surrealist author and his novel from 1914.

So what is “Locus Solus” about? It’s about a walk through a park that has the same name as the novel. Its owner, master Canterel, leads a group of friends through the grounds. They encounter a mixture of machines and living images, each of which Roussel describes in detail before telling the story behind the scene. His fantasies depict machine enthusiasm and ancient human dreams of survival and resurrection.

pos#1 Danton’s resurrection in the Aqua Micans – Chapter III, p.61
pos#2 Epidermis of the flower child – Manuscript, p.363
pos#3 Liberation of the eleven servants by dividing the female hanged in two – Chapter II, p.29
pos#4 Striking ribs in hollow tone – Typescript II, p.369
pos#5 Eight nocturnal tears from hour – Chapter IV, p.109
pos#6 The cure of the madness in the Federal – Chapter I, p.7
pos#7 Pharaoh’s snake stitch or the chance meeting of a sewing machine and an umbrella on the dissecting table – Chapter V, p.21