Tsukuba Biennale | Ibaraki 10 22

Aesthetics of the Periphery | Opening on October 18 – 30, 2022 | Tsukuba Museum of Art | curated by Takashi Ikezawa.

After a few tedious days of completion, the exhibition was finally opened with a wonderful performance. My two main works were produced in Japan and Austria and premiered here at the Tsukuba Museum of Art, organized by the Tsukuba Art Center. Beside these two sculptures three black and white photographies of my former residencies in Estonia and Finland were shown beside four digital prints from Japan.

うかれ燕 – Ukare Tsubame

Ukare tsubame is an old song about a swiftlet, I heard when searching for old washi paper at a flea market. Since then the lyrics are stuck in my head. The figure therefor is made of the buddhistic lotus sutras from Meiji era, I found at the day. The wooden grid above is an old door from my house in Onishi/ Gunma and over 90 years old. 
Floating with no wings the body is bound to the sky by long cords made from an old haiku book. Circling around the longing of beloved humans and nature, those haikus were written originally by a group of five people. Learning about these beautiful lyrics I wanted to reuse them for a poetic journey through time. 


タイムリープ – Taimurīpu :: (Timeleap)

The shelf of body consists of debt lists from an old general store in Gunma prefecture, where I have my studio. The papers are from Meiji era and tell about the items people have bought in the store and would pay by the end of the month. The inside of the body I filled with shredded papers from a modern banking institute. 
Hanging from the body are multiple worn out scarfs which are made from business papers from the same general store dating over 130 years back. The artwork is going through time and keeps track of all these peoples business. Although these people don’t live anymore, their monetary records draw a trace through time.

身体からぶら下がっているのは、130年以上前に同じ雑貨屋で買ったビジネスペーパーから作られた、使い古された複数のスカーフです。この作品は、時を越えて、この人たちの商売の記録を残しているのです。 この人たちはもう生きてはいないが、その金銭的な記録は時代を超えて痕跡を残している。

Ibaraki, Japan 10/ 22

Opening on October 18th, the Biennale was held at Tsukuba Art Museum in Ibaraki prefecture. Postponed for several times, eleven artists participated in the exhibition curated by Takashi Ikezawa and Mitsuko Shinohara. Some of us who came from India, Japan, Bulgaria, Estonia and South Korea were in residence together for two weeks before the opening. My works were produced in Austria and at my second residence in Japan. So, after almost three years of waiting, I was facing a happy premiere myself. 

With: Kang Heejoon, Maximova Tzvetelina, Janno Bergmann, Anita Gratzer, Szabó Réka, Mad Paule, Yuki Tora Furuwatari, Ushio Sakusabe, Daisaku Ueno, Kazuyuki Miyamoto, Shin Ngatsum, Satoshi Numata


I remember my stay in Tehran / Iran a few years ago, when I was hosted by the Austrian Embassy in the teahouse of their estate. In fact, I was the last artist who could take advantage of this great opportunity. We had a lot of fun with the young women, during the photo shoots and the workshops. unfortunately I never had the opportunity to show the wonderful photographs of these gorgeous people in a larger exhibition.

I very much hope that this opportunity will come soon.

Spirit of Water | Savonlinna Museum, Riihisaari, FI

Water is essential for the survival of all living things. Water affects health, economy, environment. Good water quality and potable water is something most of us take for granted. However, access to potable water is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity. Securing clean water and nature for future generations is not a given.

Mit: Piela Auvinen, Anita Gratzer, Sami Funke, Henrik Härkönen, Marja de Jong, Kaisa Huotari, Andreas Kopp, Mikko Kallio, Laura Kärki, Juha Lahtinen, Vili Nissinen, Anna Pekkala, Jan Pohribný, Yuichiro Sato, Anna Siiriäinen, Julio Tubal ja Kimmo Ylönen.